Satu & Johanna aka Satu Nieminen and Johanna Pitkänen produce music for film, TV and advertisement. They are music professionals from Helsinki with a unique set of skills from composition to performance, arranging, production and sound design. Satu & Johanna released their first EP Anchorage in March 2019, combining acoustic and electronic instruments with natural and electronic soundscapes.

Satu Nieminen is a music producer and audio professional. She has experience from world music projects to more electronic music.


Nieminen has done sound design, music and audio for animations, documentary, short film and fashion shows. She has composed and produced electronic music under the name SATU.  Nieminen finished her Audio Production master’s degree in University of Westminster (UK) in 2016. 

Her music has been described as cinematic music with a Nordic twist.


Johanna Pitkänen is a pianist and composer. With a musical background spanning from Classical to Jazz and World music, she is a master in bringing these various influences to life in her work.


Pitkänen has written music for jazz group Kokko Quartet and for film, dance and theatre productions. In addition she has arranged music from small groups to middle size orchestras.  In 2016 Pitkänen finished a Master of Music degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Her music has been described as visual and full of emotion.


Photos by Anni Hanén

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